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"People Love Us On Google"
140+ ★★★★★ Google reviews
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Do You Need Implants?

Want an Affordable price?

We Use The Newest Implant Technology

By accurately analyzing bone tissue and nerve positioning, the best possible position for implant fixture can be determined.

Flapless Vs Surgery



A better alternative for patients with diabetes, High blood pressure and edenturious patients due to less swelling and pain.

1. Implant surgery with surgical stent Accurate and safe Flapless surgery An average of 15 minutes from surgery to Temporary Prosthetics a single implant.


Tissue damage reduce aesthetic outcomes
2. Insert final temporary crown
Natural looking temporary crown is inserted on the same day

Flapless, minimal pain, maximum success implant surgery. The newest implant technology!

3D Planning The position of the implants is optimized and precisely located.
Flapless Surgery Less swelling Less infection Faster healing Less surgical time
Drastically improving the results due to optimized implants placement with reduced surgical intervention.

(Same day tooth) you can have your tooth the same day we place the implant.


140+ Google reviews
What Our Patients Say About Us
"People Love Us On Google"
135 Google Reviews
(4.8)Average Rating
Toni Stricklen
Toni Stricklen
I love this place! The warm welcome feeling walking in made me feel so comfortable due to usually being a nervous wreck when it comes to dental work. I had the best dental assistant ( Evelyn) that calmed my nerves and she was very informative.
Jun 30, 2023
Daphne Cross
Daphne Cross
Evelyn is a very sweet young lady and she always have a smile on her face whenever I visit the office. I will make sure to recommend this dentist to others due to very high professionalism alongside good quality customer service. When you visit this office, make sure you ask for Evelyn.
Jun 30, 2023
derek lin
derek lin
Really really terrible experience. Lied to me about how many cavities I had and only talked about how much the price was going to be. Very bad service and I don't suggest going here. He mentioned 8 cavities when I only had 3.
Nov 21, 2023
Alma Medina
Alma Medina
They were awesome I was able to get the tooth extraction done that same day I walked in. The whole staff was nice and polite will definitely come back to get more work done
Oct 05, 2023
samule Phea
samule Phea
Miller Dental have the sweetest staff from the moment you walk in everyone give their bright smiles and a great customer service in a matter what you need they will try their best to fit you in and give you great prices if you guys looking for a great dental office and great customer service Miller dental will be the best stop
Oct 07, 2023


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