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Made to look like your own tooth, a crown is a dental restoration used to rebuild decayed or broken teeth that are not candidates for fillings. Also known as caps, crowns encase the entire visible surface of the teeth that have been reshaped (prepared) by the dentist. The crown is held onto the tooth by strong permanent cement. A crown can protect a fractured tooth and preserve the functionality of a damaged tooth by restoring its shape and strength. A crown may also be used simply to improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth.

Crowns can take many forms and can be made from various materials. Typically, it takes two appointments to fabricate a crown. Anterior teeth may take more visits due to fact that esthetic’s must be checked to insure the best and most natural look for your smile. Today, crowns are made from materials that are nearly the same look and feel of the natural enamel of your teeth.

Do you have old, large and unattractive fillings that need a new look? Maybe you have some old crowns that were made of older materials that are now unattractive?


140+ Google reviews
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"People Love Us On Google"


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